The Paper Docs

💡 What is Metaphore?

Metaphore is an open-source collection project on GitHub that aims to create a community-driven platform for sharing software metaphors that can be used in different contexts, such as education, communication, DIY, and storytelling.

💡 How does it work?

You can submit metaphors through a Github Issue template and browse existing ones on the website, or directly from GitHub. You can also react to a metaphor, helping to surface the best ones for everyone to see.

1. Visit our GitHub Repository

You can submit metaphors through a GitHub Issue template, select your story category.

Step Visited
  1. Visit our GitHub Repository or choose directly via GitHub Issue template
  2. Click Github Issues Tab
  3. Choose your story category template

2. Write Your Story in GitHub Issue Form

Step writing
  1. Enter your metaphore story title
  2. Enter your back story about your metaphore story
  3. Enter your full story
  4. Enter demo link if any (optional)
  5. Enter your donation link (optional)

3. Listing Your Story

Listing your Story

Your story will appear on our issues page and waiting for our team to review your submiting story, after issue is closed, your story will publish in our Metaphore Website automaticaly by our metaphore GitHub Action.

Your metaphore story

We would love for you to get involved! You can contribute by submitting your own metaphors, reacting to existing ones, and helping us improve the platform. Check out our GitHub repository at Street Community Programmer and start contributing today!