The Culture And Vibe

Metaphor Square

Hey there, fellow Metaphor creators! We're stoked that you want to join our team of Punks, Freestylers, and Software Freestyle Engineers. Let's rock this joint with some awesome contributions!

How to join the fun

  1. — First off, fork the repository to your own account, champ.
  2. — Clone that repo to your local machine like a boss.
  3. — Now create a new branch, name it something cool.
  4. — Start making those changes and commit them to your branch like a pro (with this mantra).
  5. — Push your branch to your forked repository and let the magic happen.
  6. — Create a pull request from your branch to the main repository.
  7. — Sit tight and wait for our team to give you the thumbs up or give you some sweet feedback.
  8. — Once you get the green light, your changes will be merged into the main repository. Congratulations, you're a Metaphor master now!

How you can contribute

Don't matter if you're an expert or just starting out, we welcome all kinds of contributions. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • — Create some fresh code snippets or metaphors that will blow our minds!
  • — Jazz up existing code snippets or metaphors with your own unique flair.
  • — Join our community forums and discussions, and get involved in the fun.
  • — Help us make our documentation and resources even better.
  • — Share your skills and expertise with our community and show us what you've got!

Guidelines for contributions

To keep our community cool and funky, please stick to these guidelines when you're making contributions:

  • — Respect your fellow Metaphor creators and be kind to each other.
  • — Follow our code of conduct at all times, we don't want no trouble here.
  • — Only submit your original creations, don't steal other people's stuff.
  • — Make sure your contributions fit in with our community values of creativity, diversity, and innovation.
  • — Stay focused and relevant to our mission of using code to make the world a better place.

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Metaphore (SCP)! We can't wait to see your sick skills and mind-blowing contributions. Let's do this!